SALLY SORTS IT: Ikea left my new kitchen in a mess for 16 months

We ordered an Ikea kitchen in December 2021. We were told it would be delivered in February 2022 and installed the following week.

The delivery came early, at short notice, and without any worktops. It turned out the worktop was out of stock. Fitters installed the kitchen anyway and left it unfinished.

I have emailed the chief executive of Ikea Europe (Javier Quinones) and received a reply via a customer care specialist who, I quote, is ‘working at the highest point of escalation within Ikea and Javier has asked myself to look into this on his behalf’. Please help as we are getting nowhere.

L. R., Cambridgeshire.

Sally Hamilton replies: So much for Ikea promising to escalate the complaint to the very top. Nothing much seemed to be happening — a bit like with the kitchen installation itself.

Your problems began in mid-January 2022 when Ikea told you by text that the kitchen would be delivered more than a month ahead of schedule, with just three days’ notice. 

This meant you had to shelve the work you were doing to turn your garden office into a bedroom for your daughter so you could store the kitchen units there.

You had no choice but to take two days off work to organise it all and your daughter had to stay in her rented house an extra month.

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