Seat-Filler Reveals All The BTS Tea To Deuxmoi

Clearly you crazy kids froth a bit of behind-the-scenes tea about the 2024 Grammys because the afterparty goss story that we shared the morning after was our top story of the week!

So we’ve been on the lookout for more top secret intel from onlookers because we do aim to please and whatatya know? We’ve found some!

A sneaky source claiming to have been blessed with the divine role of seat-filler at the 2024 Grammys has shared with goss guru Deuxmoi all their “observations” from music’s night of nights.

Let’s delve into it, shall we?

Perhaps the most interesting bit of intel is that Taylor Swift was on a 10 that night! They claimed they witnessed Taylor absolutely living her best life, being all jovial and friendly with her fellow celebs and she even ignored the rules at one point.

Hey, Taylor Swift broke records at the Grammys — she’s allowed to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow! (Credit: Getty)

“When they do a countdown to being live after a commercial break, they asked people to be quiet and Taylor proceeded to talk enough for people to hear her rows away,” they claimed, but insisted that it “only happened once.”

Apparently a “weirdly high number of celebrities” tried getting selfies with American rapper Jelly Roll.

When it came to “support from the floor,” SZA had the most backing from the crowd, followed by Miley Cyrus. They claimed SZA was the one artist “Academy members were really vocal of supporting.” Interesting…

Okay, this next one made me a lil sad.

“No one really approached Mark Ronson and that made me really sad, they all went to his mother in law,” they claimed. His mother in law being Meryl Streep, by the way. Oh yeah, didn’t ya know? The muso is married to Meryl’s daughter Grace Gummer! (Who was also present at the ceremony)

Deuxmoi went on to put her two cents in on the whole Celine Dion situation where folks accused Taylor of ignoring the ailing and iconic singer. Although she heard no insider intel on it, she said she reckons it was an innocent “mistake” and Taylor did not intentionally “snub” Celine. Couldn’t agree more, queen!

Have a listen to the latest episode of Deuxmoi’s podcast DEUX U for all the tea.

Want more 2024 Grammys tea? Have a read of all the afterparty goss and peep the footage!

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