Sexual abuse survivors and experts demand big tech leaders take action to ensure their services are safe for children

A coalition of more than 100 sexual abuse survivors, families and child safety experts have written to the heads of major tech platforms demanding they take urgent action to ensure their services are safe for children.

The letter has been sent to executives including Mark Zuckerberg at Meta, Evan Spiegel at Snap, Meredith Whittaker at Signal and Tim Cook at Apple.

Signatories from 24 countries include Phoenix 11, a collective of survivors whose child sexual abuse was recorded and distributed online, and survivors who work directly with the NSPCC as online safety campaigners.

Organisations who signed include The Alliance to Counter Crime Online, Barnardo’s, The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Collective Shout, ECPAT International, Eurochild and The Network for Children’s Rights.

One survivor named as Frida, who was sexually abused via WhatsApp, said: ‘As a 13-year-old, I deserved to be safe and I deserved the right to express myself on the internet.

‘As someone in my early 20s, I deserve the right to privacy, the right to know that explicit images and videos of me as a child can’t continue to be shared.

‘For myself and millions of other young people at risk of sexual violence online, the right to express ourselves online does not come with the right to be safe and the right to have privacy.

‘It is time for you to take responsibility for upholding the rights and safety of your users.’

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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