Shukri: Any increase in the scope of military operations in Gaza will have dire effects

Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri confirmed that the humanitarian situation is worsening in the Gaza Strip, stressing that any increase in the scope of military operations will have dire effects. 


Shukri said The measures that lead to displacement and exodus must be seen as a systematic policy. Measures can continue to be taken, all leading to an inevitable result that everyone warns of and rejects, but what is important is that the measures do not continue to reach the unacceptable result.

This came. In response to a question from the Middle East News Agency about the media reports that have appeared over the past few days indicating Israel’s rejection of the elements of the deal proposed by Hamas, and the Israeli statements confirming that we are close to an Israeli attack on the Palestinian city of Rafah, and whether that is an indication that we are on the verge of Further worsening of the situation and whether he believes that the chances of reaching a deal are now remote, during the joint press conference he held today (Saturday) with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Maria Gabriel 

The Foreign Minister added that the deal Which was crystallized during the consultations that took place in Paris between the intelligence agencies – and it was presented and there was a point of view on it from Hamas – there were statements issued by Israeli officials that it considered unacceptable or unfit to be the basis for a truce, and this does not prevent the existence of continuous contacts and efforts being made. In Cairo to bring viewpoints closer together to develop a framework that allows for a truce, and this is what we are working for, but with the aim of reaching a complete ceasefire.

He continued, “We always stress that the goal is a complete ceasefire, the entry of humanitarian aid, and work to prevent That is, the liquidation of the Palestinian cause through displacement, whether from the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, outside the territories.

Shukri described the negotiations as “complex”… noting that each party seeks to achieve the greatest amount of interest.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that Egyptian efforts have not stopped to find a solution, a ceasefire, and to relieve the Palestinian brothers from the scourge of this war and the severe damage inflicted on innocent civilians, but the matter is developing negatively, as the statements and military actions in southern Gaza in the Rafah area indicate more… Of civilian casualties and a catastrophic humanitarian situation in light of the presence of about 1,400,000 Palestinians who are now crowded into a very narrow area and unable to protect themselves in the face of these military actions.

He referred to what the United Nations emphasized regarding the seriousness of this situation and the necessity of observing the law. The International Humanitarian Commission and also the High Representative of the European Union expressed its concern, and there is international consensus that the region cannot bear the same intensity of military actions that we have witnessed in past times and that the humanitarian situation must be respected. This is a necessary call that we emphasize because the matter cannot bear more civilian casualties and more. From destruction.

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