Stockton mum Tasered: Livestream video surfaces of mother who died after scuffle with cops near Newcastle

A mother who died after she was hit with a bean bag round and Tasered by police had livestreamed her stand-off with officers for hours before they broke into her house.

Krista Kach, 47, died in hospital on Thursday night following an incident in which she barricaded herself inside her unit in Stockton, Newcastle, about two hours north of Sydney.

Ms Kach barricaded herself in her home before specialist tactical officers forced entry into the property at about 9.45pm and used a bean bag round and Taser to arrest her. 

She was then transported to John Hunter Hospital, where she died. 

Ms Kach had livestreamed the stand-off for hours where she rambled about topics like sovereign citizens, fraud and espionage. 

While she appeared to be mostly calm, Ms Kach became visibly upset when police outside her door tried to negotiate.

‘You’re trespassing, you’re illegal,’ she shouted in the livestream, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. 

‘They are terrorists. This is terrorism. Trying to settle on the porch when you’re not invited. What are you going to collect illegal tax revenue? They’re not stating any reason they’re here … I haven’t done anything. 

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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