Super Bowl 2024: Christian McCaffery confirms he’s paid for fiancee Olivia Culpo and his family to sit together after the former Miss Universe ‘tried so hard’ to buy a suite for his mom: ‘No one is paying to watch me play’

Christian McCaffrey has insisted that his family are all sitting together after he paid for their Super Bowl tickets. 

The San Francisco 49ers star’s fiancée, Olivia Culpo, had tried to surprise his mom, Lisa, with a suite for the Super Bowl on Sunday but McCaffrey revealed on Tuesday that he had to ‘nix’ her plans. 

The running back doubled down on his comment on Wednesday, insisting that he had stepped in to purchase his family’s tickets instead of the former Miss Universe. 

‘Olivia tried so hard but I’m not letting anyone pay to watch me play,’ he told reporters in Las Vegas. ‘If my family has to pay to come watch me play, something is seriously wrong.’ 

The MVP contender confirmed that he had ensured his family were all sat together, but when asked if he had splashed out on a suite, he simply insisted that they were good seats. 

Christian McCaffrey insisted his family will be at the Super Bowl after he bought their tickets

McCaffrey pictured with mom Lisa after last week's win over the Detroit Lions

McCaffrey pictured with mom Lisa and dad Ed after last week’s win over the Detroit Lions

The McCaffreys’ suite saga stems from claims his mom made that neither her NFL star son nor his model fiancée could afford a suite at this year’s Super Bowl because of the astronomical prices.

Players are believed to be given two free tickets to the Super Bowl and then 13 more are made available for purchase at face value. 

As of last week, the cheapest suite available was $300,000 and only includes four tickets while there was also still one available at $420,000 with eight tickets. But for the suite with 20 tickets, you would have to cough up a staggering $2.5million. 

McCaffrey is set to earn $11.8million in 2024 and $12m in 2025 as part of the contract he signed with the 49ers when he joined them from the Carolina Panthers in 2022. 

Despite that, on her ‘Your Mom’ podcast Lisa McCaffrey claimed the couple had been priced out of a suite.

She said: ‘We looked into a suite and none of us can afford it. Not even Christian, money bags over there — nor money bags Olivia.

‘So, we’re not in a suite, I’ll tell you that right now.’

One site has three suites left for sale for the Super Bowl - ranging from $3,000 to $2.5million

One site has three suites left for sale for the Super Bowl – ranging from $3,000 to $2.5million

But Culpo replied to a post on Instagram that included quotes from Lisa, writing: ‘fake news! Happy Birthday Lisa. I bought you a suite’. 

But McCaffrey appears to have shut down his bride-to-be’s birthday surprise for his mom. 

McCaffrey’s mom is married to former 49ers wide receiver Ed McCaffrey, who won the Super Bowl three times.

If Christian can win it with the 49ers, they will be just the second father and son in NFL history to win a Super Bowl with the same franchise.

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