The Chief of Staff inspects the systems and methods of combat training for individual fighters led by the Thunderbolt Forces

Within the framework of the General Command of the Armed Forces’ keenness to develop combat training systems and methods for individual combatants within units and formations, Lieutenant General Osama Askar, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, inspected a number of modern training systems under the leadership of the Thunderbolt Forces.

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The tour began with a speech by Major General Ahmad Abu Al-Futouh, Commander of the Thunderbolt Forces, during which he thanked the General Command  of the Armed Forces for the continued support of the Thunderbolt Forces, enabling them to carry out the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them,&nbsp Pointing to following the latest training methods to develop the skills of the individual fighter.


 The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces also listened to a presentation from the directors of the Infantry, Weapons and Ammunition Department, which explained a number of The training systems that have been developed and updated to save time and cost in order to achieve serious and realistic training for members of the armed forces, followed by a visit to an exhibition of shooting systems and means  that were developed locally within the armed forces.


< p>Lieutenant General Osama Askar also watched a demonstration of the implementation of shooting with live ammunition inside one of the developed electronic shooting ranges, which reflected the highest levels of readiness and combat readiness of members of the Thunderbolt Forces. He also discussed with a number of commanders and officers the method of implementing shooting procedures and benefiting from modern training methods to raise the level of combat efficiency. Praising the excellent performance of the elements involved in the implementation.



The inspection tour was attended by a number of commanders of the armed forces.

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