“The Curse of Pique” haunts her.. How did Shakira escape prison in Spain?

“The Curse of Pique” haunts her.. How did Shakira escape prison in Spain?

by: Zizi Abdel Ghaffar

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The repercussions of the separation of the famous artistic-athlete duo: the Colombian singer of Lebanese origins, Shakira, and the famous retired Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, are still worsening.

As soon as Pique’s foot slipped, fans of the international singer described it as a curse that befell him, and as soon as Shakira fell into trouble, stories and analyzes abounded that the curse of the retired footballer was the cause.

  • “The Curse of Pique” haunts her.. How did Shakira escape prison in Spain?

As for the latest chapter of the story, which will not seem to end, it is Shakira’s escape from a decision to imprison her in Spain, on charges of tax evasion.. So what is the story?

Yesterday morning, Monday, Shakira appeared before the Spanish judiciary in the Civil Court in Barcelona, ​​where she said only one word: “I accept,” to save herself from a possible penalty, as her legal team reached an agreement with the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office, requiring her to pay 14.6 pounds. One million euros, the value of the amount she is accused of concealing from the Spanish tax authorities, related to her income and property in Spain for the years: 2012, 2013 and 2014, because, according to him, she lived more than half the year in the country, which is the limit upon which a person is considered a tax resident in the country. According to what was reported by the French news agency, Agence France-Presse.

According to the indictment published in international media, Shakira used a complex group of companies located in tax havens “with the intention of not paying taxes” in Spain.

In addition to the amount that Shakira committed to paying, she also agreed to pay approximately another 6 million euros, a fine for intentionally concealing her sources of income and resorting to tax havens.

  • “The Curse of Pique” haunts her.. How did Shakira escape prison in Spain?
    How did Shakira escape prison in Spain?

Shakira said, after leaving the court, through a statement made by her official spokesman, that she chose to save her two children from seeing their mother sacrifice her health in order to defend her innocence, and that she looked at the positive side of the matter, by focusing more on her upcoming world tour, and her songs. Her new album.

“I greatly admire those who fight injustice to the end,” she said. But for me, the real win today is preserving time for my two children and my career. I need to move past the stress and emotional loss I’ve experienced over the past years, and focus on the things I love, and the upcoming opportunities in my career, including: my upcoming world tour, and my new album. ».

But the international singer, who is 46 years old, criticized the Spanish authorities’ pursuit of her and other celebrities from the worlds of art and sports, noting that her case is similar to other cases in which the authorities pursued “athletes and other prominent individuals.” She stressed that such issues “sap these people’s energy, time, and calmness…for many years.”

  • Shakira and Ramos
    Shakira and Ramos

A controversial image…and a new provocation:

During her recent visit to the Spanish city of Seville to attend the Latin Grammy Awards, the Colombian singer sparked great controversy after meeting the former Real Madrid captain and current Seville player, Sergio Ramos, whose relationship with Shakira’s former lover, Gerard Pique, was always described as “tense.”

Ramos, through the short stories feature on Instagram, published a photo of himself with the famous singer, and many videos of the duo spread, especially those in which Ramos went up to the stage, intending to congratulate Shakira on her two awards that he handed to her himself, as he was chosen to crown her with two awards, One is about that song in which she talked about her past relationship with Pique.

Many described this “intimate” interview between Ramos and Shakira as a “new stab” that Shakira directed at the father of her two children, with whom she continued a relationship for 11 years, which ended after she discovered the latter’s betrayal of her, especially since it was linked to all of Shakira’s actions, during which she deliberately provoked Pique. , with all the details of his life.

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