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The European Union doubles its support for security in Mauritania

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday in Nouakchott that the European Union will double its support for Mauritanian security to reach 40 million euros during the current year.

The President of the European Commission said – in statements following discussions with Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Sheikh Al-Ghazouani today -: “We are working to strengthen our partnership in the field of security. The situation in the Sahel region is very fragile, and Mauritania plays an essential role in stabilizing the region.”

She added: “That is why we are increasing our support for security by more than an additional 20 million euros, bringing the total support to 40 million euros this year.”

The European official explained that these funds will enable “the equipping of new military units to fight terrorism, or to secure the eastern border with Mali, and will also finance the training of officers at the Defense College in Nouakchott.”

The President of the European Commission stressed that her visit to Mauritania confirms the importance of the European Union’s partnership with Mauritania, a partnership that has continued to grow in recent years in a difficult context.

She explained that by the difficult context she meant “the lack of stability in the Sahel region, but also the occupation of Ukraine by Russia and its disastrous repercussions on the world, especially Africa, and your condemnation of this war brings us closer to each other, and in this context it is natural that we seek to enhance and strengthen the partnership that brings us together, and this is what We’re doing it today.”

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