The Federation is looking for a sports director to unblock the squad of world champions

Intense weekend in the Spanish Spanish Football Federation in which they work against the clock to unblock the squad of the world champions, who maintain their decision not to respond to the call of the new coach, Montse Tomé. The players published a statement with a series of demands, among them “a profound change in the structures of Spanish football.”

Change of the organizational chart

In the RFEF they are already working on replicating the male structure in the female area, saccording to the newspaper The country, and that would entail appointment of a sports director. The position that he offered at the time Luis Rubiales in the assembly to Monste Tomé in the assembly in which he did not resign. In the end, Tomé was appointed coach after the dismissal of Jorge Vilda, and now the RFEF is looking for a figure for that sports direction and thus meet the demands of the players.

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The Federation is working in the last hours to convince the players so that they respond to Tomé’s call, and at the same time an alternative list is drawn up in case you couldn’t count on the world champions. Tomé has not yet offered the list, something that will happen at the beginning of next week in an event in which the Asturian will also be presented as a coach.

The intention of the RFEF is to also be able to present the change in the organizational chart and give a first and last name to the position of sports director of women’s football. The confirmation of Pedro Rocha as interim president until elections are called in 2024 has given him room to work and the man from Extremadura is trying to put out the most important fire he has encountered after taking charge of the presidency, once it has been confirmed. the resignation of Luis Rubiales.

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