The head of the Suez Canal Economy receives the European Commission delegation and the European Union ambassador to discuss cooperation

Walid Gamal El-Din, Chairman of the General Authority of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, received a delegation from the European Commission headed by Director General of the Tax and Customs Administration  Thomas Gerasimus, and coordinated and in the presence of Ambassador Omar Abu Aish, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Partnership Affairs, and Dr. Nermin Abu Al-Atta, Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry and National Coordinator for Euro-Mediterranean Industrial Cooperation.

 The meeting discussed the prospects for joint cooperation, especially with regard to projects established and planned to be established within the economic zone in various sectors, most notably green fuel, fertilizers, cement, iron and steel in light of The European Union mechanism for amending the border carbon tax (CBAM), and the consequent necessity of concerted efforts and unifying visions to support the green transformation in industry and enhance Egyptian exports to European Union countries in accordance with the newly introduced environmental requirements. The meeting discussed the steps taken by the Authority to localize the green fuel industry and its feeding industries, especially in In light of the success of the process of exporting the first green ammonia shipment abroad, produced within the first green fuel factory in the economic zone.

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