The healthcare head meets the regional director of a global pharmaceutical company to discuss cooperation

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sabki, President of the General Authority for Health Care, General Supervisor of the Comprehensive Health Insurance and Decent Life projects at the Ministry of Health and Population, met today with Dr. Sanaa Musannaf, Regional Director of Drug Access, Market Support and Pharma Economics for a global pharmaceutical company “Russia, Turkey and the Middle East.” And Africa”, at the headquarters of the Health Care Authority in the New Administrative Capital.


The meeting discussed ways of future cooperation between the Health Care Authority and the company, by exploring new opportunities for cooperation between the two sides, Especially in the fields of hematology, immunity, and health economics.


The authority said: The meeting reviewed the results of the cooperation protocol signed between the two sides in the field of developing the authority’s capabilities in diagnosing and treating blood and immune diseases, and the results. The impressive application of the application in improving patient care and developing innovative health solutions, pointing to the tangible effects of cooperation efforts on the ground.


Dr. Ahmed Al-Sabki, Chairman of the Authority, explained the importance of fruitful cooperation with the company. Whether in training programs and developing the skills of doctors and medical staff in health facilities affiliated with the Authority, using modern and innovative techniques and treatment methods, or through enhancing health awareness and education among citizens, about blood diseases, immune diseases and rare diseases, which contributes to enhancing the quality of life and achieving environmental Sustainable health care.


The Chairman of the Health Care Authority stressed the consolidation of partnerships with the private sector, to achieve the highest levels of health care, and continued: We are preparing to announce the first regional center of excellence for the treatment of blood diseases and cancers in cooperation With the international company, stressing that there will be a qualitative medical breakthrough in this field, and this center will have a major impact in changing the treatment journey of patients, in a way that provides integrated and comprehensive care for patients, and in a way that enhances the authority’s vision of patient-centered care and meeting their health needs.


Referring to the directives of the political leadership that always emphasize providing the latest and best medicines and treatments to the Egyptian patient, and stressing the effort to improve his treatment journey in the facilities of the Health Care Authority, as it is the main arm of the state in controlling and organizing the provision of services. Comprehensive health insurance system.


For her part, Dr. Sanaa Musannaf, Regional Director of Drug Access, Market Support and Drug Economics for the international pharmaceutical company “Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa”, praised the strategic partnership. With the Health Care Authority, stressing that there is an unprecedented qualitative breakthrough in the form and content of the health service provided through the Health Care Authority, noting that the pioneering Egyptian experience in comprehensive health coverage and the honorable Egyptian model in achieving health reform, which has achieved an unprecedented qualitative breakthrough in the form of And the content of the health service.


She continued: We made a decision to increase the company’s investments in Egypt and expand its activity based on the cooperation protocol with the Health Care Authority, and the advanced vision and thought we observed in the authority. She expressed her happiness at the continued cooperation, which in turn reflects the company’s strategy and its keenness to consolidate partnerships, in an effort to achieve the highest levels of health care provided to all, which represents the main driver for it during its dealings with the Egyptian health sector.


The meeting included a number of officials from the company, and from health care, Dr. Ahmed Hammad, advisor to the Authority’s president for health policies and systems, Dr. Fathi Shams, media advisor supervising the Authority’s media department, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Sanafiri, director General Administration of Secondary and Tertiary Care at the Authority, Dr. Mustafa Ghorab, General Supervisor of Partnerships with the Pharmaceutical Sector, and Dr. Radwa Abdel Azim, Responsible for the Oncology File.

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