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The Jordanian King begins a tour that includes America, France, Germany, and Canada to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza

Today, Thursday, Jordanian King Abdullah II began a foreign tour that includes the United States of America, Canada, France, and Germany, with the aim of mobilizing international support for a ceasefire in Gaza and protecting civilians, providing humanitarian aid to the Strip on a permanent and sufficient basis, and emphasizing the importance of creating a political horizon that leads Towards a comprehensive settlement that ends the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Jordanian Royal Court said – in a statement today – that the Jordanian King will meet in Washington, DC, with US President Joe Biden, members of the US administration, and a number of members of the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress, while in the capital, Ottawa, he will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He explained that the Jordanian King will meet in the capital, Paris, with French President Emmanuel Macron, while during his visit to Germany he will participate in the sixtieth session of the Munich Security Conference, during which he will meet a number of senior Western and European officials.

The Jordanian King, King Abdullah II, confirmed that Jordan will remain with our brothers in Palestine. We are exerting all our energies to stop the aggression and end the occupation, and we are working with clarity and determination to ensure that they obtain their full rights on their national soil. We will remain with them as a strong support and faithful aid.

The Jordanian King said, “In the Covenant, we continued together the process of building modern Jordan at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and in the Covenant we carried on the legacy of Hussein and the generations of builders and founders, and in the Covenant we move forward, with God’s help, with a responsibility to serve the present and future generations, towards a national goal in which we move with confidence and determination, to modernize its paths.” The three political, economic and administrative.

This came during a speech yesterday, Wednesday, by King Abdullah II to the Jordanians on the 25th anniversary of the Day of Loyalty and Pledge of Allegiance, and his assumption of his constitutional powers. King Abdullah II added, saying, “We commemorate on this occasion a quarter of a century of achievement, which was achieved thanks to your efforts and is for each one of you.”

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