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The King of Jordan: We are exerting all our energy to stop the aggression and end the occupation

Jordanian King Abdullah II affirmed that Jordan will remain with our brothers in Palestine. We are exerting all our energies to stop the aggression and end the occupation, and we are working with clarity and determination to ensure that they obtain their full rights on their national soil. We will remain with them as a strong support and faithful aid.

The Jordanian King said, “In the Covenant, we continued together the process of building modern Jordan at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and in the Covenant we carried on the legacy of Hussein and the generations of builders and founders, and in the Covenant we move forward, with God’s help, with a responsibility to serve the present and future generations, towards a national goal in which we move with confidence and determination, to modernize its paths.” The three political, economic and administrative.

This came during a speech addressed by King Abdullah II, today, Wednesday, to the Jordanians on the 25th anniversary of the Day of Loyalty and Pledge of Allegiance, and his assumption of his constitutional powers. King Abdullah II added, saying, “On this occasion, we remember the past quarter century of achievement, which was achieved thanks to your efforts, and it belongs to each one of you.”

In his speech, the King recalled the late King Hussein and said, “My father’s commandments still guide me in serving Jordan… I pledged to him that I would serve this honorable people and protect this dear country with honor and honesty.” He continued, “God willing, we will continue to carry the trust with you, for you are the people of determination and from the land of determination, and from you come determinations.”

He added, “As for me, your brother Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, my father’s commandments and his words when he held me responsible, in my conscience and in my conscience, still guide me in serving Jordan. And throughout these years I have been seeking the satisfaction of God Almighty, and for Al-Hussein to be satisfied with me. I pledged to him that I would serve… This honorable people and to protect this dear country with honor and honesty.”

King Abdullah II stressed that he never saw himself as anything but a servant of the nation and one of you. We were happy together with the achievement, and we were one body in the most difficult circumstances.

He believed that in order for Jordan to remain strong, protect our national interests, and preserve the achievements we have built, we will stick to our pledge together, with our resolve, determination, and unity. We always look forward to greater strength and prosperity, and the interest of our people and our country comes before and above all else.

He pointed out that he learned from the late King Hussein that the flag of the homeland should remain raised high, protected by the leaders of the army and security services with their hearts and souls, and Jordanians carrying it with the sincerity of their pledge and great achievement, so that Jordan remains first always and forever.

He pledged to continue the covenant of his fathers and the approach of our Hashemite House. My son Al-Hussein will walk as a loyal son and brother to his family, committed to loving the homeland and belonging to it, keen to serve our dear Jordan and to continue carrying the trust with the Jordanian people. You are the people of determination and from the land of determination, and from you comes determination.

The Jordanian King witnessed, at Raghadan Al-Amer Palace, today, Wednesday, the ceremony of raising the “Silver Jubilee” flag.

The raising of the flag comes on the twenty-fifth anniversary of King Abdullah II assuming his constitutional powers, which falls on February 7th, and marks the start of national celebrations of the silver jubilee of the King’s accession to the throne, which falls on June 9th.

Upon the king’s arrival, he was accompanied by Queen Rania Al Abdullah to the courtyard of Raghadan Palace. He was received by Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince of Jordan, and a number of princes and princesses.

Afterwards, music played the Royal Anthem, and King Abdullah II reviewed the honor guard that lined up to greet him.

The flag-raising ceremony began with the King receiving the Silver Jubilee flag from the head of the Royal Hashemite Court, Yousef Hassan Al-Issawi, while the King handed it over to an officer of the Jordanian Armed Forces, who advanced the flag towards the mast to raise it, surrounded by silent pedestrians from the Royal Protocol Unit. Meanwhile, flag-raising music was played. And then peace of knowledge.

The flag was created to express pride in the process of construction and achievement that the nation has witnessed and continues to witness under the leadership of King Abdullah II.

The flag raising ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President of the Judicial Council, the President of the Constitutional Court, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Director of General Intelligence, and the Director of Public Security. It was also attended by senior employees of the Royal Hashemite Court.

The Silver Jubilee flag, which has the same proportions and measurements as the Jordanian flag, consists of a single horizontal stripe, in burgundy red (dark red), which symbolizes redemption and sacrifice and is derived from the Hashemite flag, with the Silver Jubilee logo in the middle.

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