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The Lebanese Ministers issue a decision appointing Brigadier General Hassan Odeh as Chief of Staff of the Army

The Lebanese Council of Ministers issued a decision appointing Brigadier General Hassan Odeh as Chief of Staff of the Army, granting him a five-month advance for promotion, and promoting him to the rank of Major General.“.

This came in a statement by the leadership of the Lebanese Army, and the biography of the new Chief of Staff, Hassan Odeh, who was promoted to the rank of Major General, indicates that Odeh was born in Bater-Chouf on 2/11/1968..

Hassan Odeh joined the ranks of the Lebanese Army as an officer cadet on 1/15/1990, where he graduated from the Military College with the rank of lieutenant as of 4/23/1994, and was promoted to the rank of major general as of 2/8/2024..

He holds a university degree in military sciences, and a master’s degree in political sciences – diplomacy and international security, and is fluent in the languages: French, English, and Italian..

He also followed several courses of study at home and abroad, including a course in France and a course of study on staff work in Italy.

He rose to various positions, including: company commander in an infantry brigade and intervention regiment, commander of the 73rd Battalion, commander of the 3rd Intervention Regiment, and commander of the 11th Infantry Brigade..

He is awarded the medals of National Unity, Dawn of the South, Military Merit, silver class, Lebanese Merit, second and third degrees, National Cedar, knight and officer, Combating Terrorism, and Military Pride, silver class..

He also received the mention and congratulations of the Army Commander several times.

The Chief of Staff married Hala Halima, and has three children: Jawad, Jalal, and Sama.

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