The Minister of Irrigation stresses the necessity of developing the preventive maintenance system to avoid problems and crises

The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Dr. Hani Sweilem, stressed the necessity of developing the ministry’s preventive maintenance system through proactive dealing to avoid the occurrence of problems and crises, with the importance of restructuring the central administration for watercourse maintenance to activate its role in the field of watercourse maintenance and maximize the use of preventive maintenance equipment. And its vehicles, a total of 57 cars and 166 pieces of equipment, and this is reflected in the speed of taking maintenance measures and rapid response in the event of crises.


This came during a meeting held by The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, with a number of the ministry’s leaders, to follow up on proposals for developing the waterways maintenance system and preventive maintenance equipment.


In light of the central administration’s need for maintenance To restructure waterways to carry out their tasks and maximize the use of human capabilities and equipment in their affiliated departments, Dr. Sweilem directed the study of creating a department for the maintenance and follow-up of water facilities and another department for monitoring equipment and stations, in addition to studying a proposal to establish a preventive maintenance department in Kom Ombo to benefit from the existing maintenance and emergency workshop. And achieving optimal exploitation of available equipment and human resources.


The Minister stressed the importance of preventive maintenance departments continuing to carry out maintenance and follow-up work on water facilities, with a total of 10,946 facilities currently. .. Directed to study the increase in the number of these facilities to 30,165 facilities, which are proposed to be followed up by the preventive maintenance departments, which include bridges, covers, silos, gates, etc., with directives to coordinate between the planning sector and the general irrigation departments to create a pictorial inventory (identification card) of all facilities and equipment. And the vehicles in the Ministry, with the development of an implementation plan and a timetable for their maintenance.


Suwailem also directed the development of a strategy for the exploitation of equipment and vehicles in the general departments of irrigation, with a total of 215 pieces of equipment and 745 A vehicle to achieve optimal benefit from it, maximize the benefit from the mixing stations in the Department of General Irrigation Administrations and confirm their readiness, periodically follow up on the maintenance and operation contracts for these stations, and find the necessary solutions to the problems facing the stations during the season of maximum water needs.


The Minister pointed out the need to maximize the benefit of transformational training to take advantage of the existing workforce in the preventive maintenance departments affiliated with the Central Administration for Waterways Maintenance, and to fill any deficit in the specializations required to carry out any work optimally.  

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