The Minister of Irrigation stresses the necessity of exchanging successful practices and innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, stressed the need to unify the efforts of countries and enhance cooperation between North and South, to exchange successful practices, lessons learned, and innovative solutions throughout the region in order to confront current and future challenges and achieve our aspirations for sustainable development.

This came in a speech by the Minister of Irrigation during his participation in the high-level ministerial session, held within the activities of the fifth session of the “Mediterranean Water Forum.” Today, Monday, in Tunis. Dr. Sweilem expressed his thanks to the Tunisian government, the World Water Council, the Union for the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean Water Institute for the successful organization of the forum, which is considered a milestone in the preparatory process for the tenth World Water Forum, which is scheduled to be held in Bali, Indonesia, next May. The Minister pointed to the water challenges in the Mediterranean region, which includes more than 510 million people, and 60 percent of the world’s population that suffers from water poverty lives with a per capita share of less than a thousand cubic meters annually, most of whom live in the southern and eastern Mediterranean regions. He explained that water scarcity in the Mediterranean region is a cause for concern and is expected to worsen due to climate changes in the future, which may result in many social tensions, in addition to the Mediterranean region being particularly affected by climate change and its threat to the water sector, and the resulting decline. Crop production and increased desertification, especially in the southern and southeastern regions of the Mediterranean, in addition to the impact of climate change as an incentive for migration, especially from the southern part of the region. Sweilem said that in light of the unexpected effects of climate change on the amounts of rainfall in the headwaters of rivers, the matter requires more effective cooperation between the countries bordering the shared rivers. He pointed out the importance of the Tenth World Water Forum, to be held in Indonesia next May, in presenting the progress made in the field of water, identifying challenges, exploring solutions, and affirming commitment to achieving sustainable management of water resources, as Egypt hosted a high-level session during the Sixth Cairo Water Week 2023. On Africa’s readiness for the 10th World Water Forum, during which African countries expressed their firm commitment to raising Africa’s voice at the 10th World Water Forum through water-related consultations. He added that Egypt, as the current Chair of the Council of African Ministers of Water (AMCAW), is currently leading the African regional operation of the WWF with the aim of mobilizing political will and strengthening policy dialogue to achieve sustainable water management. In light of Egypt’s endeavor to enhance the role of water at the global level, the Minister of Irrigation confirmed that Egypt succeeded during its presidency of the “COP27” climate conference. In placing water at the heart of the global climate action agenda, Egypt also co-chaired the third interactive dialogue at the United Nations Water Conference in March 2023, in addition to launching the “AWARe” initiative. Which represents a unique platform for coordinating activities and efforts and uniting the voices of developing countries and least developed countries, not only for adaptation measures, but also for mitigating the effects of climate change, as Egypt began formulating project proposals in coordination with the United Nations organizations participating in the initiative, and preparing to organize a side event session in " "10th World Water Forum" To present needs to donors and funding institutions. He continued, “Egypt also participated constructively in all international water initiatives, such as: the United Nations Secretary-General’s initiative on early warning systems, the Global Water Information System related to water and climate, the call to appoint a special United Nations envoy concerned with water, and the call to launch the United Nations action program on water scarcity.” Water".

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