There will be no ‘victory parade’ in Moscow or Kiev – Kiev’s spy chief

As long as Ukraine receives Western arms, it will not be defeated by Russia – but neither side will be able to achieve a full victory, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ukrainian military has said.

In an interview with The Economist released on Sunday, Kirill Budanov dismissed the notion that military assistance to Kiev by the US and its allies will stop out of necessity.

“Warehouses in the West are not completely empty. No matter what anyone says. We can see this very clearly as an intelligence agency,” Budanov stated.

Unlike Russia, his nation relies heavily on foreign support, he acknowledged, while claiming that Moscow’s resources are already dwindling. The Russian economy can only hold out until 2025, while the flow of weapons will end by the following year, he predicted, encouraging the flow of aid to continue.

“We understand we will not end the war with a victory parade in Moscow. But neither should Moscow ever hope to hold one in Kiev,” he said.

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