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This breakfast staple can level up your spaghetti Bolognese, says Michelin chef

This breakfast staple can level up your spaghetti Bolognese, says Michelin chef  

The hearty meal is perfect as we get into these colder months, but none of us can seem to agree on the ‘right’ way to make it.

Some love basil while others swear by celery or carrots, but according to Michelin-starred chef, Paul Foster, the key to the perfect bolognese is a breakfast classic.

And no, he doesn’t expect you to mix Coco Pops in your pasta: just add milk.

The chef and content creator shared this unusual tip on a TikTok, where he walked viewers through his go-to spag bol recipe.

‘Are you adding milk to your bolognese?’ he asked. ‘If not, why not? If you want the best results based on authenticity, then follow my method – [this is] how to cook bolognese properly.’

Paul, who owns the acclaimed Salt restaurant in Stratford-Upon-Avon, explained in the clip that adding milk to the sauce helps to give the Italian dish some ‘authenticity.’

‘This recipe is based on my culinary knowledge, my nostalgia and also my experiences with the original recipes in Bologna,’ he explained.

As he walked viewers step-by-step through the recipe, he explained that the foundation for any good bolognese is a ‘sofrito’ — which is made up of diced onions, peeled carrot, and chopped celery.

The milky twist is one of the last steps of the recipe, and Foster recommends adding it to Bolognese sauce as a final flourish.

‘Then in with the milk,” he said in the clip. ‘This gives it that creaminess without adding cream – honestly, this is a game changer.’

So, what are you waiting for? Add some Michelin flair to your dinner!

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