This is the Elite 10 headphones, from Jabra

The signature Jabra has incorporated a ‘premium’ model into its offer to expand its Elite range of wireless headphones: the Jabra Elite 10suitable for daily life and work, enabling crystal-clear calls, and are optimized to deliver an immersive Dolby Atmos experience using Dolby Head Tracking technology.

Featured Features

The Elite 10 They provide a balance between comfort of use, sound and clear calls for work and leisure moments. They are wireless and optimized for content on Dolby Atmos, which provides good surround sound, as we have seen in the tests carried out on the equipment. These are the brand’s first headphones compatible with Dolby Head Tracking, which engages listeners by keeping them at the center of the stage as they move their heads, enabling a natural sound experience, including both Dolby Atmos and stereo content. Thus, when the combination of Dolby Head Tracking with Dolby Atmos is available in the content, the sound becomes clearer and more detailed to improve the Dolby Atmos listening experience.

Elite 10 also eliminates ambient noise using Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation, ultra-powerful advanced active noise cancellation that automatically adjusts to the environment using infrasonic waves that measure the ear canal and algorithms that detect noise leaks and wind conditions. The result is that the headphones will automatically switch to the highest ANC gain in very noisy environments and reduce the gain in quiet places.

Design experience

The model has been designed based on learnings regarding the fit of the Jabra Elite 7 Pro and the comfort of use of the Elite 85t. Elite 10 is the first product in the range to include the ComforFit technology, for a natural, airy fit with less occlusion semi-open design that relieves pressure on the ear, allowing you to walk and talk comfortably. The entire surface of the headset that is in contact with the ear is made of soft silicone materials for a good fit, which translates into less wear fatigue.

They are designed to adapt to different ear shapes and sizes.

Elite 10 is completed with 6-microphone technology for calls, 6-hour battery life (27 hours with the case, which is optimized for wireless charging), Bluetooth Multipoint connection, hands-free voice assistance and easy pairing.

With this product, the brand seeks to respond to the needs of sound and voice quality. These are comfortable, high-performance headphones with good autonomy that meets the need for all-day use.

Dolby innovations provide a rewarding sound experience.


The Elite 10 is sold at a price of €249.99, available in cream, cocoa, titanium black, glossy black and matte black.

Benefits Summary

Optimized for Dolby Atmos with Dolby Head Tracking, allowing for a

Immersive Dolby Atmos

Jabra ComfortFit technology for a natural ventilated fit and less occlusion with

semi-open design to relieve pressure on your ears

6-microphone call technology with advanced algorithms for greater

Call clarity in different environments

Jabra Advanced ANCTM that blocks twice the noise of Jabra’s standard ANC

HearThrough technology with wind noise reduction

6-hour battery (27 hours with charging case) with ANC activated, includes stand

pocket-sized optimized for wireless charging

IP57 rating

Multipoint Bluetooth connection

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