Tom Aspinall is ‘still ready to fight at UFC 300’ but admits he is yet to hear about potential Alex Pereira clash, despite lack of main event on historic April card

Tom Aspinall is still waiting for a call that could see him take centre stage at UFC 300. 

The British star, who became UFC interim heavyweight champion by beating Sergei Pavlovich, is plotting his next move and is open to facing Alex Pereira in a super fight. 

Pereira would be moving up to try and win an unprecedented third belt in a different division, but so far there’s been no movement. 

Aspinall said on TikTok: ‘On my end, I’ve heard nothing so far. As I’ve said plenty of times before, I’m not one to turn down fights. 

‘I’m not particularly looking for that fight [against Alex Pereira], but if it’s available and they offer it to me, I will take it. I’m ready to fight.’

Tom Aspinall (right) knocked out Sergei Pavlovich to become interim heavyweight champion

He went on: ‘There’s been a lot of shouts about who I should fight next. I’m ready to fight. Let me know. It’s as simple as that. Let me know who and where.

‘I’m like the easiest guy ever to entice to a fight. Every time the UFC has asked me to fight, I said yeah. I’ve never even questioned who, when, where, anything like that. Make me an offer, and it’s highly likely I’ll say yeah.’

Regarding his planned activity for the rest of 2024, Aspinall added: ‘I’d like to have two – two fights is perfect.

‘I think if we can have one around early summer time, and then one the back end of the year, that’s realistic and it’s ideal. Obviously, I’d like to have more, but you’ve got to be realistic about it.

‘Twice a year is realistic and definitely doable. So two fights would be perfect.’

Pereira is a hugely talented and powerful striker and could theoretically cause problems for Aspinall if they were to meet. 

But the heavyweight’s ground game is far superior and you would imagine if he was able to take the Brazilian down it would be routine. 

Alex Pereira has won the middleweight and light-heavyweight titles in the UFC

Alex Pereira has won the middleweight and light-heavyweight titles in the UFC

Aspinall wanted to fight Jon Jones or Stipe Miocic next but the UFC are still adamant the two veterans will fight each other for the heavyweight title when ‘Bones’ eventually returns from his torn pectoral tendon. 

The best case scenario is that fight happens towards the end of this year and it could even be pushed into early 2025. 

It makes little sense for Aspinall to waste some of his prime on the sidelines and to his credit, he is willing to put his interim belt on the line rather than hang around waiting.  

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