Tomorrow.. the water will be cut off in some areas of Talkha in Dakahlia to carry out maintenance work

The Dakahlia Governorate Drinking Water Company announced that water will be cut off tomorrow, Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in some areas in the city and center of Talkha, including (the entire Belqas Road area – and Al-Iraqi Street – and Ezbet Arab Pasha to the religious institute – and the Cemetery Road and the Gharbawi Factory area. ) This is to carry out maintenance work on the discharge line of sewage station No. 4, diameter 500 mm. In a statement today, Saturday, the company called on citizens residing in the areas affected by the water outage, as well as the competent local unit, as well as the authorities, departments, hospitals, and bakeries within those areas, to take the necessary measures to provide their drinking water needs during the outage period. 

On On the other hand, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Dakahlia, Dr. Sherif Makin, confirmed the continuation of intensive campaigns by the directorate’s technical oversight departments on various facilities in the governorate, stressing that there will be no complacency in taking all necessary legal measures regarding any violations that affect the health and safety of citizens. 

Dr. Mohamed Fouad, Director of the Free Treatment Department, explained in a statement that during the past week, the Free Treatment Team visited 125 medical facilities, including 34 private clinics as well as 37 medical centers and laboratories, including 7 centers and a laboratory without a license.

He pointed out that the number of establishments being run without a license reached 5 establishments, while 7 establishments were monitored in violation of infection control requirements, in addition to sending 27 warnings and issuing closure decisions for about 11 violating establishments.   

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