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Tunisia: Participation in the second round of local council elections reached 12.53%

The Independent High Electoral Commission in Tunisia announced on Monday that voter turnout in the second round of local council elections reached 12.53%.

The head of the Independent High Authority for Elections, Farouk Bouaskar, said – in a press conference held today – that the authority’s board met on Monday and approved the preliminary results of the second round of the local elections, and took a number of decisions, including those related to canceling the results of two candidates, as it was found that one of them had acquired Italian citizenship, while the other It was proven that he committed acts that would affect the results.

He explained that the total number of participants in the voting process reached 520,303 voters out of a total of 4 million, 181,871 registered voters, adding that the percentage of female participation in the second round of local council elections was about 35%, while male participation was about 65%.

Bouaskar explained that the state of Sidi Bouzid took first place in terms of turnout rates with about 26%, while Zaghouan came in second place with a turnout rate of 22.2%, and Kasserine came in third place with an estimated turnout of 21.8%.

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