U.N. Pushes Toward Crucial Global Goals as Leaders Convene for the General Assembly

(UNITED NATIONS) — The commitments were far-reaching and ambitious. Among them: end extreme poverty and hunger. Ensure every child on Earth gets a quality secondary education. Achieve gender equality. Make significant inroads in tackling climate change. Create “universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” And achieve all of this by 2030.

Halfway to that goal, progress is lagging badly — and in some cases going backward.

The goals, Guterres said, are “about righting historic wrongs, healing divisions and putting our world on a path to lasting peace.”

How can this be done in the next seven years?

At Saturday’s start of an “SDG Action Weekend,” Guterres reviewed for activists the grim findings in a U.N. report in July: Only 15% of some 140 specific targets to achieve the 17 goals are on track. Many are going in the wrong direction.

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