Ukraine war LIVE: Kyiv to issue EU ultimatum in Poland border row as vital HGVs trapped

Ukraine war LIVE: Kyiv to issue EU ultimatum in Poland border row as vital HGVs trapped  

by: Hani Kamal El-Din

Ukraine is poised to issue an ultimatum to the European Union (EU) amid an intensifying border dispute with Poland, a situation that has left critical Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) stranded.

Taras Kachka, a key figure in Ukrainian trade representation, conveyed the impending ultimatum, underlining the urgency of the matter as essential HGVs remain trapped at the border.

The standoff threatens vital supply chains, particularly impacting the transportation of goods crucial for Ukraine’s economic stability.

Kachka emphasised that the blockade’s ripple effects extend beyond the immediate Polish-Ukrainian border, affecting the broader European landscape. The ultimatum, he said, is a response to the dire circumstances, urging the EU to address the issue promptly to avert a deepening crisis.

The situation escalated following unproductive talks between Ukraine and Poland last week, with both sides reporting a lack of progress.

Ukrainian authorities disclosed that thousands of predominantly Ukrainian trucks, transporting essential goods, including fuel and humanitarian aid, are currently immobilised on the Polish side of the border.

As Kyiv prepares to issue the ultimatum, concerns are growing about the potential fallout on critical sectors, necessitating swift and effective resolution to alleviate the strain on the stranded HGVs and prevent further economic repercussions.


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