Ukrainian girl bursts into tears after seeing her nursery has been bombed

The young girl, named Masha, was filmed being taken to her nursery school for the first time since it was reduced to rubble.

Footage shows the shelled building and mangled playground as Masha and three adults drive past.

One woman asks: ‘Masha, why are you crying? Is it because there’s no more kindergarten?

‘You’re upset about the kindergarten aren’t you?’

The crying child responds: ‘Yes.’

She said she wants to ‘go outside already’ from the car to see her kindergarten.

‘We’ll go out in a moment, Masha,’ says the woman who filmed her.

The male driver tried to comfort the girl, saying: ‘Alright, don’t cry.’

‌He is then seen holding her hand as they left the car and inspected the war-ravaged bomb site.

‌After being told she is not allowed to go into the damaged building, the man says: ‘You can’t go there.

‘Do you see how they destroyed the kindergarten?’

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Source of data and images: metro

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