UN Condemns Ongoing Killing and Injury of Civilians in Gaza

UN Condemns Ongoing Killing and Injury of Civilians in Gaza  

The United Nations Development Programme strongly condemns the continuous killing and injury of civilians in the Israeli war on Gaza, deeming it unacceptable and urging an immediate halt. Emphasizing the need to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, the UNDP calls for the respect of the International Humanitarian Law and its principles. The program expressed deep sorrow over initial reports of the bombing of the United Nations compound in Gaza City, formerly managed by the Palestinian People’s Assistance Program until October 13 when UN staff evacuated the building.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization reported a loss of contact with Al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza, presuming that those who were in contact with them are now joining the tens of thousands of displaced individuals who sought refuge in the hospital but are now fleeing the area.

The organization highlighted the ongoing horrifying reports of hospitals being continuously targeted around the clock, resulting in the death and injury of numerous individuals. Additionally, certain areas used by displaced persons within the hospital have been damaged.

The organization expressed deep concern about the safety of healthcare workers, hundreds of patients, including children in nurseries, and the displaced individuals who remain inside Al-Shifa Hospital.

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