Volkswagen boss warns the sale of electric vehicles is 'stagnating' as poll reveals just 2% of drivers would buy one in the near future

Volkswagen’s managing director has warned the sale of electric vehicles is ‘stagnating’ as a poll revealed just 2 per cent of drivers would buy one in the near future.

Alex Smith warned there are currently few incentives to buy EVs.

It came as a poll of 2,375 UK motorists found that just 2 per cent would buy an EV right now. The survey, carried out for industry body the Society for Motor Manufactures and Traders found more than half are not planning to buy one until 2026 or later.

The figures led to growing calls for more support for private buyers to switch to EVs ahead of the planned ban on new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030.

The UK is the only major European economy without incentives for private buyers. EVs are currently exempt from road tax, but owners will start paying it in 2025. 

The Mail revealed this month how the popularity of electric vehicles is waning. Just 24 per cent of sales in the first half of 2023 were to private buyers – down from 36 per cent last year.

EVs typically cost as much as £10,000 more than petrol or diesel equivalents, insuring one has jumped by up 60 per cent this year and some on-street chargers are now 20 per cent dearer than filling up a petrol or diesel car.

Yesterday former prime minister Liz Truss became the latest high-profile politician to call for the 2030 ban to be ditched. 

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