Walid Assaad: Bikie gangland figure's odd friendship with makeup influencer that is the talk of Sydney's underworld as he receives thousands in TikTok 'diamonds' for dance videos

A bizarre friendship between the brother of a slain Sydney hitman and a flamboyant makeup influencer from the U.S. has stunned the city’s underworld.

Walid Assaad, whose brother Hamad ‘The Executioner’ Assaad was assassinated in a gangland hit seven years ago, has been seen dancing wildly on TikTok livestreams to entertain U.S.-based social media millionaire Jeffree Star.

Until Thursday, Assaad’s TikTok account WheresWallysWorld, which has more than 36,000 followers, was using a photograph of Mr Star wearing a pink balaclava as its profile picture, and a bio which read ‘STAR FAM’ along with two gold star emojis.

The close relationship, which has seen the pair spending hours online together in TikTok livestreams, has stunned Sydney’s hyper-masculine underworld fraternity.

‘He’s belly-dancing for Jeffree,’ said former Nomads bikie Moudi Tajjour, who used to chat online with Assaad. ‘Something’s going on there.

‘I don’t know what you’re doing, Wally, but you’ve sold your soul to the devil, bro.’

Assaad has previously posted a video of himself with Comanchero boss Tarek Zahed, who lost an eye in another gangland hit which killed his brother Omar at an Auburn gym in May 2022.

Assaad, 35, has also had multiple run-ins with police in previous years and has been the subject of a Firearms Prohibition Order since 2016.

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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