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Woman bans grandson from Christmas Day because he doesn’t believe in Santa

Woman bans grandson from Christmas Day because he doesn’t believe in Santa  

While the man in the big red suit is a staple in some households, others are a little more open about how the presents appear under the tree.

But for one grandparent, the fact that her grandson doesn’t believe in Father Christmas, was enough of an issue to get him banned from her home on December 25.

Taking to Reddit, the grandma explained that she is a mum to a daughter, 25, and two younger children, aged nine and seven.

Her daughter’s son – the poster’s grandson, who is five – was raised ‘without the Santa magic’ and she’s worried that he could ‘ruin’ it for her younger children, who do still believe in Old Saint Nick.

She explained: ‘I asked my daughter if she’d please talk to her son, because I wouldn’t like the magic ruined for them.

‘I still put packages under the tree with “from Santa” on them, and leave out cookies and reindeer treats.

‘My daughter told us she wouldn’t make her son lie, and my children are old enough to understand if her son decides to say something.’

This was not the answer the poster was hoping for her. ‘I told her if she wouldn’t talk to her son, they could spend Christmas at their apartment.

‘My daughter didn’t like that and said I was choosing my younger children’s happiness over hers, and that I was being completely unreasonable.’

While the posters husband supports her, he admits she’s being a little ‘high strung’, but she insists she just wants to ‘keep the Christmas magic alive.’

Despite her explanation, commenters were shocked by the grandma’s behaviour.

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