World's biggest bounce house is touring the United States – with 20,000 square feet of inflatables and no age limit

The world’s largest inflatable bounce house has set off on a tour of the United States. 

The whopping 20,000 square feet of inflatable fun, named The Big Bounce America, is visiting cities from coast to coast.  

It is open to all ages, although people wanting to come and enjoy it can book sessions limited by age, meaning younger children can play on it safely.  

The impressive inflatables also features the largest obstacle course in America, standing at over 900 square feet over four lanes. 

‘The castle is so unique because it has its own DJ booth, walking into the castle is like a whole other world’ Daniel McPherson from Big Bounce America said. 

The 32 feet high Big Bounce America is currently in the Naval Yard in Philadelphia. 

Upcoming locations on the tour include Portland, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Sacramento, Sausalito, Kansas, San Jose, Fort Myers and Las Vegas.  

There is also a section for ‘arena type sports’ including jousting and a dodge ball net and a basketball hoop.  

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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