Xavi rightly asks that the internationals tell everything

“I don’t know what happened and what’s going on. Soccer players have to speak clearly and not give rise to confusion. It saddens me. At the best moment in the history of Spanish women’s football, the situation is chaotic. They have to give explanations, give their reasons. Them, not me. It saddens me that what has been achieved after so many years ends like this. Let them clarify it to resolve the situation”he explained Xavi Hernandezlast Friday, in his press conference prior to the magnificent Barça-Betis.

If anyone else had pronounced the phrase, I would not give it the importance and, above all, the relevance it deserves. A football monster shows his doubts. The confrontation between the international players, one would say that of all the changing rooms of Spanish women’s football, with the Real spanish soccer federation It comes from afar (September 2022) and, yes, it has been accentuated, rightly so, by the two inappropriate, unjustified and shameful gestures of Luis Rubiales in the box of the World Cup finalIn my opinion, it is much worse to touch your testicles in the first row of the box, next to the Queen of spainthat the peak with Jeni Hermoso.

When this confrontation began, which immediately led to an all-out war, the internationals considered that they could not continue attending appointments with the national team under the conditions that existed but they never, ever, openly and publicly explained what those conditions were that made them work. in an uncomfortable situation, which they now define as “unsafe.”

coup d’effect

The first problem with that complaint was that it was not them who led the outburst but, very skillfully, the Federation’s Marketing and Communication department, which leaked the soccer players’ sit-in to the media, taking the initiative. . From that moment on, everything was doubts, attacks, statements and an ugly confrontation, where neither of the two parties has ever told the truth, nor given complete explanations, as to why this distance and breakup occurred.

The fact is that what seemed like the end of the wonderful awakening of women’s football ended up becoming one of the greatest successes of Spanish sport in its entire history, the conquest of the women’s World Cupwhich, in the end, had a very shabby celebration (what’s more, the Royal Family’s tribute to the champions is still going on!) and, on top of that, it was almost ownerless, since they say that they won and the Federation takes the blame. so much because he resisted and triumphed the idea of Jorge Vilda.

The sporting and media power, the total support, I insist, despite the lack of explanations and reasons, that the Spanish internationals have acquired in their confrontation with the Federation, is of such magnitude that the feeling has been established throughout the world that They are right, completely right.

And, yes, there is a list, of course there is a list!, of people, of federations and professionals who, according to them, have coerced, intimidated and forced them to take a position to remove iron from the Rubiales-Hermoso peak. But, I insist, it is a rumor, what those who are close to the players tell, but not them.

They are right about what? and because? You cannot use Rubiales’s beak and package marking, unpresentable to the point of becoming a demonstration that the CSD should have killed the president much earlier for his previous excesses, to try to win the battle that was lost in his day and which culminated, I repeat, with the conquest of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

It is not the women’s soccer team that should cause changes in the RFEF. True, they do not ask for anyone to be fired, but they try to impose their rules. The problem is that they never explained why they stood down before the World Cup and they don’t explain, now, why they don’t like anything, they don’t even consider the appointment of Montse Tomé as a selector, since they are asking for a professional coach for that position, with experience, with a certain international career and not the extension of the ‘Vilda method’. They say. Or they rumor.

huge power

One gets the impression that they feel so powerful, so supported by Spanish society, let’s say, the whole world, that they believe they have the right to change everything they don’t like, when one gets the impression that they are trying to take the revenge of the ‘non-victory’ after his first claim.

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I repeat, as you sense Xavi Hernandezfrom the lamentation of the loss of a historical moment, if there was ‘Blonde moments’ at some point over the last few years, let them count; If Vilda has no idea, according to them, about football, let them explain it; If they violated his privacy at the rallies, they should report it; If it was his union and self-management, after the win by Japan, that straightened the course in the World Cup, let them tell it; If someone went too far with them, let them point it out; if they lack resources, if their trips are shabby, if the food is miserable (sandwiches and very poor tupperware), if the physical trainers are friends of Vilda, if they lack a nutritionist… what do I know! say, make it public and they will reinforce their position.

Without listening to their explanations, which, perhaps, would have a forceful reply from the Federation (I am convinced that the managers keep explosive material to withstand the pulse), it is difficult to believe them at face value, as many people are doing. Not even those who know the true reasons for that initial rudeness have told or written what they know.

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