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Minister of Labor: We aim to cooperate with more than 670 private vocational training centers to prepare skilled Egyptian workers

Minister of Labor Hassan Shehata said that the “Vocational 2030” project It aims to train one million trainees, and work with more than 670 private vocational training centers, in addition to accrediting trainers in all professions needed by the labor market and approving and preparing training packages.

This came during the minister’s meeting today, Monday, at the ministry’s headquarters in the New Administrative Capital. With the committee responsible for implementing the vocational project 2030; To discuss a group of specialized programs and curricula related to the health file that will be taught to trainees in the 2030 Vocational Project, which was launched in January 2024 in cooperation with the private sector. To train one million trainees annually in the professions needed by the labor market at home and abroad.

The programs specified curricula for the health file in 5 professions: health services assistant, sick sitter, elderly sitter, child sitter, and care assistant for people with special needs. This meeting comes within the framework of the Ministry of Labor’s communication with the authorities and the Ministry with a common interest in the field of vocational training.

The Minister added that the objectives of this project include activating the provisions of the Labor Law related to issuing licenses to training centers affiliated with the private sector, approving their training programs, and approving Trainers and training certificates in accordance with the provisions of Articles (135 – 136 – 137) of the Labor Law promulgated by Law No. 12 of 2003.

The objectives of the project also include raising the skill level of young people to the level required in the global labor market, and meeting the necessary needs of the labor market. Internal, eliminating unreal skill level measurements, and approving training certificates from accredited international institutions after approving the standards on which the training is based.

The project also aims to implement long-term training programs ranging from 3 months to a year according to the training hours system. The approved ones, which vary depending on the level of the trainee and the different training programs, and adjusting the conditions of the private centers that work in the field of training under the false name “Institute – Academy – Training Center”.

This meeting comes in implementation of the speech of the Minister of Labor, Hassan Shehata. To the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, whose importance includes holding this meeting to discuss the role of the Ministry of Labor in developing the vocational training system and activating its role in developing youth skills, and meeting the labor market at home and abroad with the actual needs of the professions and skills necessary for them.

Al-Khatib also guaranteed that the meeting will discuss the preparation of skilled Egyptian workers in accordance with international standards for skills and competencies, as some of the professions that fall within health services are considered among the important professions whose importance is constantly increasing and are needed by the labor market, which necessitates identifying the most important training programs, measurements and competencies.

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