A schoolgirl was rushed to the hospital after injecting her lips with oil to enlarge her lips without expensive surgery

In Dnipro, the schoolgirl was hospitalized. A 14-year-old girl wanted to enlarge her lips without expensive surgery and injected herself with cosmetic oil.

She said that her friends go to beauty salons where they get lip augmentation injections. The girl also wanted to change the size of her lips, but she had no money, so she found the “method” of lip augmentation on the Internet.

The schoolgirl injected herself with cosmetic oil into her lower lip, after which the inflammation began. She was urgently taken to the hospital and the product was removed from her lips under general anaesthesia.

And the doctor explained that such an intervention can cause tissue necrosis and even the loss of a part and even the entire lip, because these drugs are for treating the skin, and not for injections. The student has already undergone three surgeries.

The girl said that she would no longer try on her appearance. She is glad that she did not have time to inject the oil into her upper lip.

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