• Putin's spy network exposed by arrest in Sweden

    Putin’s spy network exposed by arrest in Sweden

    The dramatic arrest of a seemingly normal Russian couple living in a wealthy Swedish suburb could shed light on Putin’s spy ring. Elite police rappelling from Black Hawk helicopters carried out a lightning-fast dawn raid on the Stockholm home of Sergey Skvortsov and Elena Koulkova earlier this week. The 6 a.m. storming of the Russian couple’s villa on Tuesday in…

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  • Drug related crime in the UK.  Money and cocaine.  A dealer makes money from selling illegal drugs.  White powder in bags with a substantial amount of money.

    Top UK drugs official sacked for ‘selling spy assets’

    The agent was fired from the UK’s National Crime Agency (Picture: Getty) An anti-drugs officer working in Barbados has been sacked for gross misconduct after allegedly selling a ‘secret asset’ used to spy on drug traffickers. An internal investigation revealed that they misused and sold surveillance equipment to a friend at a discount and racked up huge roaming bills on…

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  • A Welsh choir stuns spectators on the Doha Metro in QatarCredit: Sky News / Evam Ream

    Welsh choir lights up Qatar train with inspirational football anthem

    To view this video, please enable JavaScript and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video A Welsh choir left passengers on the Doha Metro in Qatar stunned when they started singing on their way to a match. Communications manager Evan Ream’s video shows riders filming as some members of the Urdd Youth Choir sang the Welsh anthem…

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  • A before and after of a landslide ripping through houses in Ischia, Italy.

    13 people including a newborn missing on an Italian paradise island after a landslide

    A landslide caused by heavy rain has crashed on the Italian island (Picture: Twitter/Google Maps) At least 13 people have been missing on the Italian island of Ischia after a landslide triggered by heavy rain. Among the missing are a family with a newborn baby and a 25-year-old man living in two houses in the northern municipality of Casamicciola Terme.…

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  • China sets up bizarre Covid camps in central Beijing

    China sets up bizarre Covid camps in central Beijing

    Panic in Beijing over an impending Covid lockdown has emptied the streets of the Chinese capital. It comes as workers in the capital rapidly construct a Covid quarantine facility made up of shipping containers and tents. The impending lockdown in Beijing follows growing protests across the country amid anger over the Covid-zero policy. Bloomberg’s Emma O’Brien said: “They’re erecting shipping…

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  • Woman killed for her organs after traveling to Peru to meet her boyfriend

    Woman killed for her organs after traveling to Peru to meet her boyfriend

    A medical student has been arrested for the murder and removal of apparent organs from a Mexican woman who traveled to meet him in Peru after he struck up an online romance. Blanca Arellano, 51, had met Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuerte, 37, on a gambling app where they started an online relationship before Blanca agreed to meet him in Peru.…

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  • Danny Ocean called on fans to

    Mass shooting at concert in Mexico ‘leaves at least one dead and injures several’

    Danny Ocean called on fans to “be careful” (Photo: @yoshimarck/Twitter) One person has died and several have been injured after gunshots were heard in the middle of a concert in Mexico, according to reports. Singer Venuzealain Danny Ocean was performing in Morelia’s Place Monumentale last night when the shooting took place, according to the newspaper El Financiero reported. According to…

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  • Putin's long-range missiles run out as Russia's ammunition runs out

    Putin’s long-range missiles run out as Russia’s ammunition runs out

    Vladimir Putin has used nearly two-thirds of Russia’s ammunition reserves, a senior military intelligence analyst has claimed – enough for another month. Meanwhile, the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) also said evidence showed Russia’s stocks were “depleted”. Speaking to the country’s public broadcaster ERR yesterday, Margo Grosberg, Estonia’s military intelligence chief, told Estonian public broadcaster ERR: “The Russian Federation has…

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  • Putin in deep struggle to recruit soldiers

    Putin in deep struggle to recruit soldiers

    Mr. Ariev explained that the war in Ukraine was exhausting both the Russian army and the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian MP claimed that the most important thing for him was to liberate all territories occupied by Russia step by step, while giving an insight into Vladimir Putin’s struggle to recruit new conscripts in Russia. He noted that Russia is facing…

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  • Desperate Putin tells army he needs 5 million troops to end war

    Desperate Putin tells army he needs 5 million troops to end war

    Following a meeting between the Russian president and mothers of soldiers at the front, groups of mothers have targeted the dictator, accusing him of “hiding” from them. Olga Tsukanova of the Council of Mothers and Wives, a movement formed by relatives of mobilized soldiers, said in a video message on the Telegram messaging app that the authorities had ignored her…

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