A man cuts off his wife’s head with an ax and throws her into a hole out of jealousy

A resident of the Chuvash Republic is suspected of killing his wife out of jealousy.

According to the investigation, the accident occurred on December 22 in her mother’s apartment in the city of Al-Atir. The man was jealous of his wife, and a quarrel arose between them, during which he inflicted “several blows with an ax on her head and other parts of her body.”

The woman died of her injuries sustained at the scene shortly after. In order to hide the traces of the crime, the attacker cut off the head of the victim, who threw him into the hole.”

At the same time, the couple had two minor children. At the time of the crime, they were in school and now they are with their grandmother.

The man was arrested, and a criminal case was opened regarding the incident. The investigation will also assess the living conditions of the children in the family.

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