Russia sets new entry rules for foreigners

Citizens of foreign countries who have arrived in Russia for more than 90 days must now be photographed and fingerprinted within 90 days of entering the country.
Migrant workers will need to do this within 30 days or upon receipt of employment documents. Changes to the legislation began to take effect on December 29.

At the same time, for foreigners who have arrived in the country to work, fingerprinting and photocopying are required within 30 days from the date of entry into the country, when applying for a patent or when obtaining a work permit.

Foreigners arriving in Russia, in order to undergo these two procedures, must personally apply to the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an affiliated institution or an authorized organization.

Foreigners and migrant workers who have arrived in the country for more than 90 days have also been forced to take HIV tests, medication, and a number of infectious diseases.

These foreign citizens present an identity document recognized by the Russian Federation in this capacity, as well as a certificate of the absence of disease caused by HIV, and other documents confirming the passing of the medical examination provided in paragraph 18 of this Article.

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