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Tesla launches humanoid companion robot by the end of 2022

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced his intention to create a humanoid robot by the end of next year.

Musk noted that in the future, each robot will be able to acquire unique character traits and become a good companion for its owner.

Musk explained that each robot’s personality will evolve to better adapt to the owner, so to speak, “over time, it can acquire a unique personality. This does not mean that all robots will be the same.”

He also pointed out the similarities between future Tesla robots and famous Star Wars characters – the C3PO and R2D2 robots.

Robots will also perform many of the person’s routine tasks, for example, going to the store.

For the first time, Musk has talked about plans to create a robot this summer.
At the presentation dedicated to Artificial Intelligence Day, the robot is portrayed by an actor in a suit.

Earlier, “Gazeta.Ru” talked about when Musk plans to land a man on Mars.

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