Occupations that will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence

The Swedish Institute for Labor Market Assessment and Education Policy has conducted a study to find out what professions will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Researchers believe that AI technology is gradually beginning to perform more and more jobs, which in the future will lead to the division of society in terms of salaries in different fields of activity.

Max Gordon, an orthopedic surgeon at Danderwood Hospital, said AI could not only replace unskilled staff, but even some doctors, such as radiologists.

Gordon noted that there are many indications that artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in healthcare in the future as it is able to do this work immediately, which will help reduce the number of time-consuming jobs in an industry where we are currently facing a shortage of employees.

According to Gordon, AI can be applied in areas such as emergency care and gynecology, which will reduce the shortage of nurses.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the technologies will be able to replace accountants, machine operators in the printing, carpentry, chemical and metallurgical industries, cashiers, salesmen, junior employees in agriculture, cleaners, machines, assemblers, junior administrative staff, welders, builders, drivers, forest workers and postal workers.

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