Man arrested for trying to assassinate Biden

Man arrested for attempting to assassinate Biden…

The charges were brought against Scott Merriman, a resident of Kansas, who said he came for US President Joe Biden.

According to the Washington Post, ammunition was found with the man, but no weapons were found.

Merriman called police in Independence this week, warning he was going to Washington to meet the 46th US president.

According to the investigation, he heard a voice telling him to “cut off the head of the snake in the heart of the nation.”

Merriman initially denied that “Snake” meant Biden.

It also turned out that a resident of Kansas called the White House, where the operator recorded threats against the President of the United States.

It is established that the accused of trying to kill Biden worked on a construction site and previously served in the military.

Secret Service agents arrested Merriman in a Maryland parking lot. He agreed to the search, and three bullets were found with him.

According to the investigation materials, the man violated at least two federal laws, one of which prohibits the threat to harm the president.
This charge carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.


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