Poland establishes compulsory archery lessons for students in schools

Poland introduces compulsory archery lessons for students in schools – 

In a statement, the Polish Ministry of Education and Science said that compulsory archery lessons will be offered in Polish schools from the new academic year.

This innovation was explained by the growing threat to state security. From the Ministry’s point of view, this requires supplementing education goals by gaining the ability to shoot and preparing students for work caused by military conditions.

Archery lessons will be mandatory from September 1 for 8th graders of high school and first grades of high school.

The new system, as stated in the ministry, will be introduced in all Polish schools by 2024.

It should be noted that shooting lessons with pneumatic weapons will be held in gyms, and from firearms – on training grounds and at specially prepared shooting ranges.

In addition to shooting, school children will be taught how to carry out rescue work in urban areas.

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