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Supreme is coming for MM6 Maison Margiela’s wig

On the line-up within the collection are patched-together American Varsity jackets, paint-splattered Jackson Pollock-indebted hoodies, ‘photocopied’ cargo pants, and five-panel baseball caps that look like they’ve been dipped in a vat of white emulsion, in reference to the Parisian house’s famously whitewashed walls and furniture. 

A particular highlight is a pieced-together overcoat crafted from contrasting panels of faux fur, but, as ever, it’s the accessories that are likely to have the highest number of people trawling eBay, Grailed, and Stock X, ready to part with an obscene wedge of cash to get their hands on a piece. 

There’s a bifold leather wallet rendered to look like a scrunched-up receipt, a heavy-duty chain necklace finished with a hefty padlock closure, and the icing on the cake: an ash blonde wig with grown-out roots, packaged up in a transparent, box-logo bag, which pays tribute to the house’s SS09 collection, which saw Martin turn cheap, used costume wigs into stunning couture works. 

Current creative director John Galliano might have snatched everyone’s wigs at his recent Artisanal show in Paris, but now he’s giving them back. Stay tuned: maybe a second Supreme drop will involve a merkin.

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