Rebel Wilson Is Proud Of Losing Her Virginity At 35

Rebel Wilson is positive that good things come to those who wait — and that includes the experience of losing her virginity.

In a chat with PEOPLE to promote her upcoming memoir, Rebel Rising, Rebel shared that she was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to losing her v-card.

“People can wait till they’re ready or wait till they’re a bit more mature. And I think that could be a positive message,” she told the publication.

“You obviously don’t have to wait until you’re in your thirties like me, but you shouldn’t feel pressure as a young person.” 

Rebel Wilson’s book, Rebel Rising, is almost here.(Credit: Harper Collins Australia)

The 44-year-old shared that she was 35 years old when she had her first sexual experience, and while she doesn’t regret waiting, she admitted that she sometimes felt a bit awkward in her younger years for not having had sexual experiences that many of her peers had.

“Normally I would just leave the room when the conversation was happening. And then the people that said, ‘Oh, at 24, it’s so late.’ And then I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Oh my God, my number’s 35. What the hell? I’m going to look like the biggest loser’,” she said candidly, admitting that she’d often lie about losing her virginity just to avoid the questions.

Today, Rebel is happily engaged to clothing designer Ramona Agruma but she thinks if she was born a couple of decades later, she might have opened herself up to exploring her sexuality earlier on.

“If I had been born 20 years later, I probably would’ve explored my sexuality more. I just knew I was attracted to men, and that was the normal thing,” she said.

“And so when I started opening myself up probably more after my father’s death and realising — even though I’d seen marriage as a terrible thing and waste of time — I started opening myself up to that. And then only years later, meeting women and having feelings for a woman, and that, I just think it’s a sign of where society kind of was.”

Rebel and her fiancé Ramona. (Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)

Rebel noted that she felt her virginity story was an important addition to her upcoming memoir to show readers that “not everybody has to lose their virginity as a teenager.”

But, just for the record, it really doesn’t matter when you lose it or if you lose it. Do whatever you want to do.

Rebel Rising is set to be released on April 2.

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