Former England rugby captain and World Cup winner is declared BANKRUPT as documents show he owes ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds’

Former England rugby captain Phil Vickery has been made bankrupt with documents showing he owes £100,000 to a company which is in liquidation.

Mr Vickery, 48, of Bath, who was part of England’s triumphant 2003 World Cup winning side, applied to make himself bankrupt using debtor’s petition, last month.

His management consultancy Vix Limited is in liquidation and he owed the business £97,806. The company also owes HMRC £71,000 in VAT and PAYE and National Insurance payments.

The Office of the Adjudicator granted his request to be made bankrupt on February 21 and on or before that date he stood down from at least four businesses.

One source said he had amassed debts of ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds’ to a lot of contacts and the HMRC.

Former England captain Phil Vickery (centre) has applied to make himself bankrupt

Documents filed confirm the 48-year-old will remain bankrupt until February next year

Documents filed confirm the 48-year-old will remain bankrupt until February next year

Documents filed by the Insolvency Service confirm he will remain bankrupt for 12 months until 21 February next year.

On the day the bankruptcy was made official he also stood down as a director of his business of Killock Limited, a management consultancy based in Cheltenham.

The company, set up 17 months ago, had not filed any accounts. He also quit as a director of No 3 Restaurants Limited on the same day and resigned board positions at Raging Bull Group Limited and Creed Food Service Limited in January this year.

Last year another consultancy business Spring Star Consulting was dissolved after less than two years and not filing any accounts.

Phil Vickery Holdings Limited was also closed in 2023 after three years and only filing dormant accounts.

Vickery was a tight head prop who played in all seven of England’s 2003 World cup matches. He was made an MBE after the victory.

He also captained the team at the 2007 World Cup in France where England lost to South Africa in the final.

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