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Raei Misr, member of the National Alliance: Training more than 30 women in the craft of tailoring and sewing

Within the framework of the interest of the Egyptian Shepherd Foundation for Development, a member of the National Alliance for Civil Development Action, in the economic empowerment of women  To be a partner in development and economic growth, the Foundation trained more than 30 women and men in the craft of detailing and sewing as part of the New Beginning Project in cooperation between the Raey Misr Foundation and the Misr Development Bank Foundation.

Fayza Ramses, Program Director at the Raey Misr Foundation, said – during Detailing workshop – The “New Beginning” project It represents the beginning of the great cooperation between the Rae Misr Foundation and the Banque Misr Foundation, pointing out that the Rae Misr Foundation is an institution with community spread in all governorates of Egypt and has a database on the categories most cared for.

Ramses added that the project aims to create opportunities. New jobs for young people, women and men in Upper Egypt to reduce poverty rates and provide different sources of income, in addition to providing them with different skills and crafts, as the project seeks not only to train, but to achieve what it aims in these trainings on the ground, explaining that after the training period comes providing Job opportunities, either through employment in existing workshops or by setting up self-employed workshops.

She continued: “I am happy and proud of what I saw of the positive energy of the young men and women in the project, and this is the goal of the Egyptian Shepherd Foundation to change people’s lives for the better.” ;.

She continued: The New Beginning Project is a beginning in villages and areas that were far from basic services, as the project reached girls in their places and created job opportunities for them in their areas, noting the importance of cooperation between the two institutions to reach the largest number of girls and women. In light of the economic conditions.

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