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Sheikh of Al-Azhar: Arrogance is the companion of polytheism… and arrogance is its most prominent manifestation

His Eminence the Grand Imam, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, explained that the arrogant person in relation to God Almighty is the one who is proven to be proud, great, and independent of others, indicating that this description is one of the descriptions that befits the Divine Essence, but the arrogant person in relation to the servant is taken from arrogance. It is not permissible for a servant to be described as such except by way of deception or by lying to himself, because the servant by nature lives in humility and submission to his master, and God Almighty mentioned that in His saying, “Everyone in the heavens and the earth except that he comes to the Most Merciful is a servant.” p>


The Sheikh of Al-Azhar added, during his speech today in the 20th episode of his Ramadan program “The Good Imam” that the trait of arrogance does not befit a servant, as his servitude rejects it, pointing out that when he claims this He claims that he is a partner with God Almighty, and he disputes with God in His most special attributes, and therefore pride calls for polytheism, citing the Almighty’s saying in the holy hadith (Pride is my cloak and greatness is my garment. Whoever disputes with me with either of them, I will throw him into the Fire). Thus, pride in the servant becomes the companion of polytheism.

His Eminence the Greatest Imam pointed out that there are manifestations of arrogance, into which a servant may fall, the most prominent of which is arrogance over people, explaining that arrogance does not occur in secret, but rather in public, when there is a relationship between the arrogant person and others, as evidenced by what was mentioned above. In the noble hadith, “Arrogance: suppressing the truth and looking down on people,” indicating that looking down on people means contempt, contempt, and injustice towards them, indicating that what may happen while working in many offices, offices, some bodies, and others leads to arrogance, as the manager who knows that he is being unfair Who is inferior to him, and he knows that that person cannot take his rights from him, then this is one of the manifestations of arrogance that the servant falls into as a result of his distance from God Almighty.

And His Eminence the Greatest Imam revealed two matters that cause a lot of confusion among people. , namely old age and good appearance, explaining that  When a person looks good, owns a car, a clean house, and eats good food, this is not considered arrogance, as evidenced by the saying of the Messenger, peace and blessings of God be upon him, when he was asked about that. He answered that God is beautiful and loves beauty, so this is not arrogance, but rather arrogance is rejecting and denying the truth, and that is also like… Those who argue about people’s rights, eat them up, or justify assaulting them, with contempt for people, condescension, and bullying of them, stressing that there are many things that happen under this dark umbrella, the umbrella of bullying, contempt, and injustice, and that all of this is followed by a feeling of arrogance, and that the arrogant person can do whatever he wants. , without anyone holding him accountable or being watched by a supervisor, and he is unaware of the fact that God is aware of it.

Concerning the punishment of the arrogant on the Day of Resurrection, His Eminence the Greatest Imam explained that their punishment was mentioned in many verses exceeding fifty verses, all of which are a warning and a warning to the arrogant, just as Their punishment is found in many chapters in the books of hadith, which include punishments that chill the bones, pointing out that the reason for this severity in punishment is the arrogant person’s claim of polytheism, although it is a characteristic unique to Him, Glory be to Him, the Almighty. Whoever disputes with him in it will receive a painful punishment, and as stated in the noble hadith &laquo “The arrogant people will be gathered on the Day of Resurrection like a speck in the images of men, and humiliation will overwhelm them from everywhere.” And in another narration, “people will trample them with their feet,” so the reward, reward, and punishment will be of the same type as work.

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