Arsenal player Frida Maanum collapses during Women’s League Cup final

The Women’s League Cup final was paused in the 96th minute of the match when Arsenal’s Frida Maanum collapsed on the field, before the match resumed seven minutes later.

The score was 0-0 between the Gunners and Chelsea when Maanum collapsed off the ball near the touchline and the medical staff immediately rushed to her aid.

The camera chose not to show details of the incident but as the stretcher was rushed on, the crowd fell silent as it dawned upon them the serious nature of the incident.

The teams came together under a talking to from the manager, but Maanum was eventually escorted off with an oxygen mask covering her face. A medical stretcher on wheels was brought out after the initial boards that are usually seen at football matches.

The game resumed and went to extra time although it appeared strange to restart the game after an incident that seemed to be incredibly serious.

The club later reported that Maanum was “conscious, talking and in a stable condition” and that “she will continue to be monitored closely by our medical team.”

Arsenal posted the message on X, formerly known as Twitter, following the incident along with the statement: “We’re all thinking of you, Frida.”

While Chelsea replied on X: “Wishing you all the best, Frida.”

Former England and Brighton defender Fern Whelan said on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra after the resumption: “We need to realise that the players are human beings and just to get this small mental break more than anything after what has just happened is important.

“They have seen their player go down on the pitch in worrying scenes. Regroup, try and get their heads back into it, and come back to the fact that they are in a cup final and go again.

“Another 30 minutes of extra time to play and a chance to wrap it up before we go to penalties.”

Former England defender Anita Asante said on BBC One: “We hope that Frida Maanum is in a stable condition, it’s going to have an emotional impact on both teams.”

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