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‘Road House’ and ‘3 Body Problem’ Lead Luminate Streaming Ratings

“Road House” was the most-watched streaming original title for the week of March 22-28, per Luminate. Based on the 1989 Patrick Swayze flick of the same, the Amazon Prime Video project was watched for 1.7 billion minutes during this viewing window.

The week before, “Road House” debuted at No. 5 on the movies chart with 121.5 million minutes watched, despite only having been available for one day. Evidently, the Jake Gyllenhaal remake picked up steam throughout its first week of availability, with an increased daily average of nearly 250 million minutes watched.

Divided by its 121-minute runtime, this week’s 1.7 billion viewing minutes of “Road House” translate to an estimated 13.9 million total views.

“Shirley,” the Netflix biopic about the pioneering politician Shirley Chisholm, debuted as the No. 2 movie with 298.7 million minutes watched. In total views, however, it was still beat by last week’s winning movie: “Irish Wish,” which clocked in at No. 3 from March 22-28 with 698.8 million minutes viewed and 3.1 million views compared to “Shirley’s” 2.6 million. Like the week before, “Damsel” and “Ricky Stanicky” followed “Irish Wish,” this time with 201.9 million minutes and 176.3 million minutes watched, respectively.

Netflix’s “3 Body Problem” was right behind “Road House” in its first week on the chart, leading the TV side with 1.6 billion minutes watched. And though the follow-up series from “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss came in well above the No. 2 series, Dick Wolf’s unscripted “Homicide: New York,” the two were closer together in terms of estimated total views, with 3.6 million and 3.3 million respectively, as the latter has a shorter runtime.

“The Gentlemen” wasn’t far behind, reaching 784.9 million minutes watched and tying “Homicide’s” 3.3 million views. This marks a 41% decrease from the title’s 1.3 billion minutes watched the week before, though the drop was expected, as the series has been available on Netflix since March 7.

Season 2 of “Buying Beverly Hills” debuted landing at No. 4 with 412.9 million minutes watched after premiering on the first day of this viewing window.

The most-watched non-Netflix title of the week was “Palme Royale” on Apple TV+, which landed at No. 5 with 262.9 million minutes watched in its first full week of availability. Season 6 of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” followed with 234 million minutes, while the No. 7 TV show was Paramount+’s “Halo” Season 2 with 227.7 million minutes.

Also of note on this week’s charts were the Hulu documentary “Freaknik: The Greatest Story Never Told,” which premiered on March 21 and was watched for 104.7 million minutes, making it the No. 6 movie, and “The Casagrandes Movie,” which followed with a debut of 67.1 million minutes watched.

Disclosure: Variety and Luminate share a common owner in Penske Media Corp.

(PIctured top: “Road House”)

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