‘SNL’ Dings Donald Trump & Ronna McDaniel On “Weekend Update”

Colin Jost and Michael Che took shots at Donald Trump and Ronna McDaniel on Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update.”

The weekly segment started off with Jost taking several jabs at Trump for selling a Bible in partnership with country star Lee Greenwood with a price tag of $60. Jost said the special edition of the Bible “that also includes, the Constitution, the lyrics to Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” and I assume God’s letter of resignation.”

“This Bible is mostly the same, but Trump’s version ends with Jesus’ disciples storming Jerusalem to overturn the results of the crucifixion,” Jost joked.

Jost then cut to a clip of Trump alleging he has “many” Bibles at home, with the comedian adding, “I actually believe he has many Bibles. I’m sure he has been sent thousands of Bibles with a note saying, ‘Please read this.’”

Although they didn’t cover it extensively, Che snuck in a joke surrounding Ronna McDaniel’s hiring at NBC News that caused the news anchor to criticize the network.

“NBC News cut ties with Ronna McDaniel after many network hosts protested her hiring,” Che set up the joke before adding, “And I’m actually very disappointed only because I thought Ronna McDaniel was the drag version of Ronald McDonald.”

Biden was not exempt from Jost and Che’s jabs and the current president took some hits from the duo. Che reminded viewers that there was a democratic fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall “featuring big name celebrities like Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert and Lizzo. As well as lesser known celebrities as President Joe Biden.”

In another jab, Che joked about Biden visiting the bridge that collapsed in Baltimore, adding, “Like that bridge, Biden is no longer connecting with Black communities.”

Watch the full “Weekend Update” segment below.

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