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Issa holds an expanded meeting to discuss ways to develop Nile tourism

Today, Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, held an expanded meeting, which he holds periodically, to discuss ways to develop and maximize the benefit from the Nile tourism product in Egypt, in the presence of a number of leaders from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, ministries, bodies, other concerned parties, and representatives of the private tourism sector from the Union. The Egyptian Tourist Chambers and the Hotel Establishments Chamber and its specialized division.


This meeting came in light of the increasing tourist demand for this product, and the Ministry’s keenness to develop it, raise the quality of the tourism experience for it, and stand as a A periodical on the most prominent obstacles and challenges facing it and proposals to overcome them.


Ahmed Issa began the meeting by welcoming the attendees, appreciating the importance of this meeting, which is considered an important gesture to move in the right direction and toward the goal of One through the combined efforts of all concerned parties participating in the meeting for continuous coordination to overcome any obstacles that may prevent the development of the Nile tourism product in Egypt.


The Minister pointed out the necessity of working to increase the volume of The floating hotel capacity that currently exists in Egypt, stressing the importance of the long Nile cruises between Cairo and Aswan, especially those that will pass through the governorates of Upper Egypt, Minya, Assiut and Sohag, which would also contribute to increasing the number of visitors to all archaeological sites and museums, thus creating a new tourist experience for visiting points. The itinerary of the Holy Family’s journey in these governorates. 


He explained that there are targets to achieve an increase in the number of floating hotel rooms, about 2,500 rooms, during the coming years, in light of the carrying capacity of the Nile River. And Lake Nasser, pointing out that the volume of floating hotel capacity currently in Egypt is 15,752 floating hotel rooms.


The Minister appreciated the importance of the Nile tourism product, as it is one of the important and distinctive tourism products of the destination. The Egyptian tourism sector, which enjoys an increase in tourist demand, also offers a high competitive advantage that attracts many tourists with a special nature and high spending.


He stressed the importance of raising regulatory controls and standards. To make this product work in a way that contributes to improving the quality of tourism services provided with it, ensuring that the tourist visitor receives the distinguished tourist experience promised to him, and ensuring that the highest standards of security, safety and health are achieved for the tourist.


And among other things: For his part, Muhammad Amer reviewed the developments and what had been implemented in the various work courses that had been developed by the Ministry to overcome the most prominent obstacles facing this product, in cooperation with all concerned authorities.


A number of important topics related to the operation of this product were also discussed, including increasing the numbers and raising the efficiency of the Nile marinas currently existing along the navigational course of the Nile River, and ways to legalize the status of some unlicensed marinas and knowing the extent of their readiness, in addition to ensuring that the efficiency of the locks and carrying capacity is raised. And the time it takes floating hotels to enter and exit them.


Means of benefiting from the currently suspended floating hotel facilities were also discussed and the possibility of restarting them was discussed in light of the Hotel and Tourist Establishments Law No.  8 of 2022 and its executive regulations. 


During the meeting, the comments of the representatives of the civil work institutions representing the sector from the Union, the Tourism Chamber and its relevant division were listened to, in addition to following up on What they did regarding the Minister’s directive to them, during the last meeting, to prepare and submit ideas and proposals for some files related to the development of this product, where they identified the information and data they needed to provide to help them accomplish what was required as quickly as possible.




The importance of reconciling the conditions of the currently operating Nile goldfish and the standards and requirements necessary for granting them tourist operating licenses was also discussed, and it was agreed to conduct an inventory Comprehensive numbers of these gold medals and all their details to prepare a comprehensive study of this file.




He also touched on The meeting aimed to present the procedures and coordination that have been made with regard to the courses of action for training the work crews of floating hotel facilities, especially the training programs on the basics of occupational safety and health in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, securing the work environment, and civil defense and firefighting work in cooperation with the General Administration of Civil Protection, in addition to To intensive specialized training courses for navigational crews (sailors) in cooperation with the General Authority for River Transport, especially to qualify the second class of captains of tourist buoys.




It was also followed up on what is being done regarding the General Authority for River Transport’s coordination with the relevant tourist governorates in the rehabilitation and periodic maintenance of the shamdores located along the navigational course of the Nile River, and the removal of Nile weeds, in addition to emphasizing the continuation of dredging work in For the navigation channel between Luxor and Aswan, especially in bottleneck areas, to overcome any obstacles facing the movement of floating hotel facilities.




This meeting was attended by Ghada Shalabi, Deputy Minister for Tourism Affairs, Ahmed Al-Wasif, Chairman of the Committee for Facilitating the Work of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, Major General Mufid Salah Mahmoud, Chairman of the General Authority for River Transport, and Alaa Aqel, Chairman of the Committee for Managing the Works of the Hotel Establishments Chamber. And Mohammed Ayoub, Head of the Chamber’s Floating Hotels Division, and representatives of the Ministries of Local Development, Water Resources and Irrigation, and Environment, and representatives of various concerned authorities.


Also present from the Ministry of Tourism. The monuments are: Ahmed Obaid, Assistant Minister for Diwan Affairs and Permanent Undersecretary of the Ministry, Professor Youmna Al-Bahar, Assistant Minister for Technical Affairs and Minister’s Office Affairs, Engineer Ahmed Youssef, Assistant Minister for Institutional Communication and the Ministry’s official spokesman, and Muhammad Amer, Head of the Central Administration for Hotel Establishments, Shops, and Tourist Activities.


It is worth noting that Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, had held the first of these expanded meetings to discuss ways to develop the Nile tourism product in Egypt, in the presence of representatives of all ministries, bodies, concerned authorities and representatives of the private sector in February. The past, which indicated at the time that this meeting would be held periodically during the coming period.


It should be noted that the winter tourist season this year ended in a distinguished and successful manner and without any problems, especially No case of drought was detected for any of the floating hotel facilities during the winter blockage period. 

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